úterý 29. listopadu 2016


It is our pleasure to invite you to CEMS Red Carpet Gala sponsored by P&G. Join us and meet fellow alumni, current CEMS students and corporate partners.

The newest information will be shared on Facebook event.

TOPIC: Red Carpet
DRESS CODE: Creative Black Tie
LOCATION: Erbia Congress Centrum, CITY TOWER, 27th floor, Hvězdova 1716/2b, Prague 4
NOTE: You can bring one or more guests

490CZK per person (includes a welcome drink + catering) until December 11.
690CZK per person at the door
// Account number: 43-6190780227, bank code: 0100, please add note: "first and last name of all attendants you are paying for" (these names will appear on the guest list)
// DDL for bank transfers is Sunday December 11th
// Please send us prinscreen of the payment to cemsgala2016@gmail.com once you pay, so we can order enough food on time.

pátek 4. listopadu 2016

CEMS Alumni Drink (organised by alumni)

Dear alumni
I would like to invite you to a CEMS Alumni Drink organized by alumni. And what is more it will take place in a restaurant run by one of us - Jan Horacek. I am looking forward to meeting you there!

pondělí 13. dubna 2015

CSR initiative supported by CEMS corporate partner Reuters: "Šance pro děti"

Dear CEMS Alumni and members of CEMS Alumni Association Prague,

CEMS corporate partner Reuters - the renowned global news agency - together with several partner companies, organize in the Czech Republic for the 7th consecutive year its award-winning charitable project Šance pro děti“ for children in need.

About 105 carefully selected images taken recently by Reuters photographers and collaborators are made available from 13thApril to 24th April 2015 in an online auction to be held at www.sanceprodeti.cz.

Successful bidders will receive their large format photos professionally printed and framed in high-quality aluminum frames.
This year, the public interested in supporting the project without actively engaging in the online auction, will have the possibility to contribute through DMS.
All collected proceeds will go to support orphanages, infant and child centers who take care of pre-school children. In addition, the proceeds will also go to one institution that helps families who took children from orphanages for foster, adoptive or host care.
It is important to note that all donated funds go without any intermediary from the donor directly to the accounts of the children's organizations. These institutions decide on how to use the proceeds most effectively – mainly to finance services and activities for children. The budgets received from the state cover only their regular operations  and are not enough to cover any special needs that children may have. For example: rehabilitation, animal assisted therapy, hippotherapy, therapeutic programs, purchase of medical equipment or equipment for physically or otherwise disabled children... etc.
Come and join us at www.sanceprodeti.cz and pick a picture that will make you proud!

neděle 29. března 2015

CEMS Alumni Association Prague- Election of new Board members - Applications time

Dear CEMS Alumni,
With the start of the spring 2015, the CEMS Alumni Association Prague (CAAP) is calling for new candidates for its Board who would take over from current board members and continue running CAAP during the next term (1 or 2 years). We are looking for alumni who have the willingness and little bit of time to develop activities of the Prague CEMS Alumni community and are ready to come up with new insights and ideas, cooperate with other alumni organizations across the globe and with the CEMS team at our home university – VŠE.
Requirements: Candidates must be CEMS graduated alumni and be ready to become official CAA members. Ideally they should work in Prague during their term. Note: Business travel is no problem.
Call for candidates: You may express your interest in running for a particular position or just contact us with your general interest by the 12 of AprilPlease address your emails to olga.cigler@gmail.com. We will then constitute the list of candidates per position and distribute it to all alumni on the 12th of April.
President – responsible as the main representative of CAAP, concrete workload depends on an agreement with other members. The president is one of the statutory representatives of the legal entity CEMS Alumni Association Prague. The president has access to CAAP bank account.
Treasurer – responsible for consolidating financials of CAAP. The treasurer is also named as one of the statutory representatives of the legal entity CEMS Alumni Association Prague. The treasurer has access to CAAP bank account.
Vice-president – shares responsibilities with the CAAP president, VP can take care of one of the main areas of CAAP (e.g. international collaboration, academic collaboration, organization of alumni events, cooperation with CEMS students).
Board members – can be any number of volunteers who would like to help organize events for alumni in Prague in the next term from time to time (event types can be various ranging from social through sports to educative events).
Note: If you want to have a better idea of what activities CAAP ran in the past, please visit http://cemsalumniprague.blogspot.cz/ or check the CZ CEMS Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/66903111641/events/.
Election: The complete list of candidates will be sent via email on the 12th of April and you will be asked to send your vote till the 26th of April to an email address of one of our current Board members.
Results + term start: Results will be announced as soon as all votes are counted and the new team can then take over from the old team during May 2015.
We are looking forward to welcoming you "on board". Please do not be afraid to represent the alumni community in Prague. We know everyone’s time is scarce, but you will be for sure rewarded with great feeling from organization of CEMS Alumni events and the time you have to put into this does not have to be any intense workload. For alumni working in corporate partner companies, running CAAP can be seen as great opportunity for career growth.
Best regards
Olga Cíglerová
Vice president, CAA Prague 2012-2015
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sobota 30. srpna 2014

REQUEST TO CEMS ALUMNI: Would you like to share your experience with students and prepare a lecture for one of offered VSE courses?

Dear alumni,

For me being an alumnus and working on behalf of the whole CEMS community means focusing on three areas: alumni (professional and other events), students and the university.

This time I would like to focus on the third one. Mr. Ladislav Tyll, MBA, Ph.D., a new CEMS academic director at VSE, would like to continue cooperation with VSE and alumni and continue inviting alumni into CEMS VSE courses, which was also held in the past few years. It would be another great opportunity how alumni could support CEMS at their university. There are two options in the field of lecturing:

• Lecturing at some of the basic courses at the Faculty of Business Administration for bachelor degree students in order to attract more of them to apply for CEMS (subjects like Management, Business economics, Marketing, Consumer behaviour, Personnel Management or Logistics). These subjects are taught in Czech language and on rather basic level with large audience.

 Lecturing at some of the CEMS courses (subjects like International Strategy, Corporate Finance, Global Management Practice Course, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing, Accounting Information for Financial Management or Intermediate Microeconomics). 
These subjects are taught in English language and focused already on some rather specific, more advanced topics with the smaller audience of max. 50 students.

Would you be interested to share your experience with students? For you, that would mean not only preparing 45-90 minutes lecture based on discussion with the tutor, but also an opportunity to promote shortly your company, present yourself and enjoy presenting to CEMS students or to an audience of up to 300 fresh minds. It does not mean only some time spent on preparation and presentation, but also development of your skills and promotion of your company. Finally, it may be an attractive record in your CV.

If you are interested please, explore this file with the list of subjects including syllabus of each subject. For your better idea, I let the list of alumni lectures with their topics in the Winter Term 2012/2013 in the file. 

In case of interest please, fill in the table and send it back to me and a copy to Šárka Otčenášková (CEMS Communication Manager at VSE; sarka.otcenaskova@vse.cz). Please, send your e-mail by September 15, 2014 as the Winter Term starts on September 22, 2014.

I will be really glad to hearing from you - and helping the university together. Thank you for your time.

On behalf of Šarka Otčenášková, this post was created by CEMS Alumni Association Prague.

sobota 25. ledna 2014

Some News for Start of 2014

Dear CEMS Alumni in Prague and Czech Republic,

Firstly we would like to wish all of you fantastic 2014. As we think about more events for 2014, we would like to bring two different kinds of news to your attention.

1. CEMS Alumni from Prague and surroundings are interested to meet families of other Alumni and so there is a voting event open to choose a date for a Children Friendly Gathering of CEMS Alumni in near future (follow up on last years successful brunch where some alumni brought their partners and babies and it was great fun.) Please vote here: http://doodle.com/mvebkarnz2tkn6hk. The organizers are Vojtěch Opleštil and Jana Maršálková.

2. In Czech only: Byla vypsána pozice Koordinátora/ky CEMS programu na VŠE, Praha. Pokud vás daná nabídka zaujme nebo byste někoho v průběhu února rádi doporučili, můžete si stáhnou popis pracovních povinností a požadavky na danou pozici zde: http://cemsmim.vse.cz/vyberove-rizeni-na-obsazeni-pracovni-pozice-koordinatorka-programu-cems/.

Sincerely, your CEMS Alumni Association Prague team

úterý 29. října 2013

Ohlas na self-coaching seminář

V tomto příšpěvku bychom rádi nasdíleli zpětnou vazbu na nedávno proběhlý self-coaching seminář

Shrnutí zde.

A pár fotek ...

úterý 8. října 2013

Invitation to Self-Coaching Seminar

Dear Alumni,

The CAA Prague team invites you to a seminar about self-coaching techniques organized exclusively for CEMS Alumni in Prague. The seminar will be in Czech; hence the rest of this invite is also in Czech.

Datum17.10. 2013 od 19h (prosím dostavte se včas), předpokládané trvání workshopu/semináře je 2 hodiny.

Místo konání:  Hradčanské náměstí 12, Praha, vedle Arcibiskupského paláce.
Do kanceláří se vchází z průchodu směrem k restauraci u Sv. Jana Nepomuckého, prosklenými dvěrmi se zvonky firem Aspironix a BrightElement. Směrovky do konferenční místnosti budou zajištěny.

Registrujte se prosím zde: http://bit.ly/19ibLbW.

Kapacita je kolem 35 osob. Při naplnění kapacity vás budeme informovat.

CEMS ALUMNI SELF-COACHING SEMINÁŘ se zaměří na tyto oblasti:
·         Co je to sebekoučování?
·         Práce s vnitřní energií
·         Práce s cílem
·         Konfirmace a princip odměňování se
·         Rozdíl mezi musím x chci
·         Jak posilovat svou vnitřní spokojenost a pocit štěstí
·         Teorie bude prokládána tipy na různá cvičení použitelná v běžném životě
·         Prostor pro konkrétní dotazy

Přednášející: Mgr. Klára Vyšatová (CV: http://bit.ly/19VzN7r)

“Během své psychologické praxe jsem pracovala s různými typy lidí a mou zkušeností je, že každý z nás velice dobře ví, co nechce, ale jen málokdo dokáže vyjádřit to, co by opravdu chtěl, co by si opravdu přál. To, že naše cíle a přání dokážeme zformulovat a vyjádřit, je prvním krokem na cestě k jejich dosažení. Koučování je pro mě procesem, který by měl koučovaného nejen rozvinout, pomoci mu najít životní rovnováhu a učinit ho spokojenějším, ale zároveň ho doprovázet na cestě zakončené schopností být sám sobě úspěšným koučem”.

Těšíme se na vaši účast, přijďte si uklidnit ducha a pobavit se s Cemsáky o užitečných tématech. Připravíme také drobné občerstvení.

Tým CEMS Alumni Association Prague

neděle 22. září 2013

Start of September in Cems Alumni Association, Prague

CAA Prague has kicked off September with two nice events - one social and one sporty. We will continue offering interesting activities for CEMS Alumni community in Prague this and next year. Stay tuned and follow the usual communication channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, your email inbox and last but not least this blog).

CEMS Alumni Rentreé Dinner at Restaurant Giardino in Prague.

and CEMS Alumni Run organized in cooperation with www.jdubehat.cz.

středa 26. června 2013

CEMS Alumni Soirée 20.6. ReCap

Dear CEMSiesCEMS Alumni Soirée was a really nice gesture from our home university VŠE and the CEMS VŠE team has already posted some nice pictures and summary of the event on the academic web.

We hope, that similar official get-togethers of Alumni in Prague will get repeated during next years, so that we occasionally celebrate the success of all VŠE Graduated CEMsies, together with the increasing number of us. We are now 337 graduated CEMS Alumni @VŠE between years 1997 and 2012.
During the CEMS Alumni Soirée evening, it was certainly interesting to hear about beginnings of CEMS at the University of Economics, Prague. Plus a lot of us got to meet quite a few people whom we had not met before or had not seen for a long time.

Our new 2013 team of CEMS Alumni Association Prague has presented a lookout into events being prepared for the next few months. You can download or view the slides here.

Looking forward to keep in touch with all of you and see you on next events of CAA. Meanwhile, enjoy summer and stay in a good mood!

Your CAA Prague Team