15 Mar 2018

#March issue of the CEMS Alumni Newsletter: Warm invitation for great CEMS events in the upcoming weeks!

Dear CEMS Alumni,
We are thrilled to invite you for greatly diverse CEMS Alumni events - all of them taking place in the upcoming weeks. And as a highlight do not forget to book your calendar on Thursday 19th April: The celebration of 20 years of CEMS MIM in the Czech Republic.

CEMS Talk dedicated to a topic we typically do not talk about: Tue 20th March 7pm: CEMS Talk The Dark Side of Management

Successful management career: it is easy to imagine the bright side of it, but what does it actually take? Come to discuss this topic with our top speakers.
Location: Palac YMCA, Na Porici 12, Prague 1
Registration: Google Form
Details: Facebook

Upcoming events in April

A traditional CEMS Alumni event: CEMS Alumni Sauna on 5 April 7pm
CEMS Alumni meet CEMS Students: CEMS Breakfast on Fri 6th April 8am
  • Location: TBC
CEMS Alumni Family Event on Sat 7th April 10am
  • Location: Brumbambule, Kolbenova 9a, Prague 9
  • Details: Facebook
CEMS celebrating 20 years in the Czech Rep. on Thu 19th AprilKey CEMS event in 2018: Meet the whole CEMS Community
  • Location: University of Economics, Prague
  • Program: Coming soon :-)
  • Details: Facebook

    Share your CEMS Alumni Story for the 20th Anniversary CEMS Event

    We need your support

    CEMS Alumni Association in Prague is a non-profit organization ran by volunteers To be able to organize events like this one in the future - we need your support. How can you support us?

    1) Financial support
    To cover our costs (e.g. for space rental, refreshment during events etc.), we would like to ask you for your support. You can either join the Global CEMS Alumni Association or you can give a financial donation to our Alumni Association in Prague. For details please check this post. Our bank details are: IBAN: CZ16 2010 0000 0029 0011 9575, SWIFT: FIOBCZPP.
    2) Space support
    Do you access to meetings / conference rooms or any unusual space (i.e. theatre, gallery) that we might use for future CEMS Alumni Events? Please let us know.
    3) HR support
    Are you willing to give back to the CEMS Community? Do you want to join our team and prepare future events for other CEMSies? Please let us know.

    We look forward to seeing you at one of our uproming events. To stay connected, join our Facebook group #CEMS Alumni Czech Republic

    Pavlína, Kashia, Vojta, Honza and DaryaYour CEMS Alumni Board Team
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