7 Mar 2010

Some pics from our events

Let us share with you some pics from our recent events.

This picture comes from the alumni skiing weekend in Jizerské hory, Albrechtice (19-21 February). Hopefully somebody from the participants will share some stories with us (as well as explanation of this photo) - the ones I have heard so far were quite unclear and I couldn't figure out what was really happening there (Vasek, could you add something, maybe?).

The other event can be described a little bit better as I was one of the participants.
Meet the... public sector seminar took place on 1 March at VSE and as you can see from this picture the number of students interested in our experience was fair enough. As far as I know they enjoyed the stories and experience of the speakers: Alice Savovová (director of Association for International Affairs), Antonín Berdych (former director of the office of Alexander Vondra), Marek Svoboda (director of the Centre for Human Rigths of People in Need) and me - Vojtěch Opleštil (consultant with Deloitte for public sector clients).

Fortunately the event didn't finish after Q&A but continued in the well-known Sklep restaurant.
Do you have any pictures you would like to share? Let me know at vojtech.oplestil@gmail.com.


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