28 Sep 2010

Alumni Events Autumn / Winter 2010

Here comes the plan of all the events we have already planned for this autumn / winter.
  • 12.10. Meet the... Marketing (mate nejake zajimave speakery?)
  • 14.10 CEMS Sauna
  • 21.10 Leadership Workshop update - check the leaflet (pdf, 357 kB)
  • 27.10 CEMS Gala (organized by students)
  • 1.11. Meet The ... Finance
  • 2.12 Meet the... consulting
  • 17.12. CEMS Christmas Dinner
Besides that at least two more events are just being planned: Questioning and Listening skills and Cross-country skiing (most likely in February).
BTW - we are looking for speakers for Meet the ...Marketing. Interested? Or do you know anyone who could help us? Just let me know at vojtech.oplestil@gmail.com. Thanks!

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