22 May 2011

Offer Internships to CEMS students

This is an excerpt from the CAA Newsletter May 2011.

Do you remember when you were looking for your CEMS internship abroad? It may not have been easy to find the right one that met your expectations, but it was probably a very important experience at the beginning of your career which helped you to be where you are right now.
If you have ever asked yourself what you could do to give something back to CEMS, the answer is very easy: Post the internship offers of your company to the CEMS Job Market!

There are two options to post offers to the JobMarket.
  • The preferred one is that your company registers and accesses the job market with its own company login. Corporate Partners can also screen the CVs of students and alumni.
  • The other option is for you to directly access the Job Market using as company profile "CEMS Alumni offers for students". Simply access the JobMarket as a Company with the login name "alumni@cems.org" and password "offersfromalumni". On the left hand side under "Positions" -> "New position" -> "Internship", you can enter your offers. Please note: since the offer will be displayed with the company name: "CEMS Alumni offers for students" it is important that you put your company name at the beginning of the field "Position". In the fields "Contact name" and "Email", please put your name and your @cemsmail.org address. Otherwise we cannot validate your offer.

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