12 Oct 2011

2011 FT Ranking: CEMS Global Alliance one again on the podium

Dear alumni
let me share with yout a great news concerning CEMS FT Ranking.

Dear CEMS community,

The CEMS MIM is this year ranked the n°2 pre-experience Master’s in Management in the world in the global Financial Times ranking. 17 CEMS member schools appear in total, including 8 in the top 25, underlying the excellence of the CEMS alliance and all its members on the M.Sc. segment. Congratulations should be extended to our Swiss member school the University of St Gallen, whose Master in Strategy and International Management was ranked n°1 for 2011.

Of particular significance to our alliance is the confirmation that the CEMS MIM is top in the 3-year ranking, which covers the period 2009-11 during which the programme has been ranked 1st, 2nd and 2nd. If we also take into account the fact that the CEMS MIM has featured permanently in the top 3 since the ranking began in 2005 we can be doubly proud of these years of outstanding achievement.

The CEMS MIM emerges once more as the n°1 programme for combined international results (international faculty, student and board diversity, alumni mobility and international course experience).

This year, the CEMS MIM improved in 8 categories of the ranking compared with the 2010 edition, including an “Aims Achieved” score of 86% and a Careers Rank gain of 9 places. You can look at all details on the CEMS homepage (including the full ranking table and report).

Congratulations to all of you for the excellent results – with a special mention to the CEMS Class of 2008 that was surveyed by the FT this year.

Warm regards

François Collin
CEMS Executive Director

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