5 Aug 2012

Would you like to share your experience with CEMS students?

Dear alumni
For me being an alumnus and working on behalf of the whole CEMS community means focusing on three areas: alumni (professional and other events), students (e.g. Meet the...) and the university.
This time I would like to focus on the third one.
Recently I met Jiri Hnilica, the CEMS Academic Director and vice-dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and we talked about the ways alumni could support CEMS at the university. We came up with two options:
  • Lecturing at some of the basic courses at the Faculty of Business Administration for bachelor degree students in order to attract more of them to apply for CEMS (subjects like management, business economics, or logistics)
  • Lecturing at some of the CEMS courses - subjects like international strategy, corporate finance, international marketing or managerial psychology
While the first one is supposed to be held in Czech and on rather basic level, the latter one should be in English and focused already on some rather specific, more advanced topics.
So - would you be interested in sharing your experience with the students? For you that would mean not only preparing 45-90 minutes lecture based on discussion with the tutor, but also an opportunity to promote shortly your company, present yourself and enjoy presenting to CEMS students or to an audience of up to 300 fresh minds. It does not mean only some time spent on preparation and presentation, but also development of your skills and your promotion in your company.
If you are interested please drop me a message and I will send you more details - list of subjects (incl. syllabus) and contact information.
I will be really glad to hearing from you - and helping the university together.
Best regards
Vojtech Oplestil

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