2 Dec 2012

Pics from winetasting

Have you ever been thinking of the difference between Frankovka from Southern Moravia and Southern Hungary?
Actually, the difference is big, indeed. While the Hungarian one was pretty complex and rich resembling some of good Italian wines the Moravian was little bit less balanced and, surprisingly, somehow smoky. According to the sommelier the smokiness is related to the special vineyard area it comes from. Interesting stuff.
The CEMS winetasting event was just great – the selection of wines from the Austro-Hungarian region as well as the choice of food matching wines and last but not least interactive approach of the sommeliers. A pity more alumni couldn’t come. Let me share with you also several pics.
Our thanks go both to the participants and the sommeliers from Via Vinum who lead the degustation.

I believe this wasn’t the last wine experience of CEMS in Prague. Next time I hope more of you will join us!


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