29 Mar 2015

CEMS Alumni Association Prague- Election of new Board members - Applications time

Dear CEMS Alumni,
With the start of the spring 2015, the CEMS Alumni Association Prague (CAAP) is calling for new candidates for its Board who would take over from current board members and continue running CAAP during the next term (1 or 2 years). We are looking for alumni who have the willingness and little bit of time to develop activities of the Prague CEMS Alumni community and are ready to come up with new insights and ideas, cooperate with other alumni organizations across the globe and with the CEMS team at our home university – VŠE.
Requirements: Candidates must be CEMS graduated alumni and be ready to become official CAA members. Ideally they should work in Prague during their term. Note: Business travel is no problem.
Call for candidates: You may express your interest in running for a particular position or just contact us with your general interest by the 12 of AprilPlease address your emails to olga.cigler@gmail.com. We will then constitute the list of candidates per position and distribute it to all alumni on the 12th of April.
President – responsible as the main representative of CAAP, concrete workload depends on an agreement with other members. The president is one of the statutory representatives of the legal entity CEMS Alumni Association Prague. The president has access to CAAP bank account.
Treasurer – responsible for consolidating financials of CAAP. The treasurer is also named as one of the statutory representatives of the legal entity CEMS Alumni Association Prague. The treasurer has access to CAAP bank account.
Vice-president – shares responsibilities with the CAAP president, VP can take care of one of the main areas of CAAP (e.g. international collaboration, academic collaboration, organization of alumni events, cooperation with CEMS students).
Board members – can be any number of volunteers who would like to help organize events for alumni in Prague in the next term from time to time (event types can be various ranging from social through sports to educative events).
Note: If you want to have a better idea of what activities CAAP ran in the past, please visit http://cemsalumniprague.blogspot.cz/ or check the CZ CEMS Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/66903111641/events/.
Election: The complete list of candidates will be sent via email on the 12th of April and you will be asked to send your vote till the 26th of April to an email address of one of our current Board members.
Results + term start: Results will be announced as soon as all votes are counted and the new team can then take over from the old team during May 2015.
We are looking forward to welcoming you "on board". Please do not be afraid to represent the alumni community in Prague. We know everyone’s time is scarce, but you will be for sure rewarded with great feeling from organization of CEMS Alumni events and the time you have to put into this does not have to be any intense workload. For alumni working in corporate partner companies, running CAAP can be seen as great opportunity for career growth.
Best regards
Olga Cíglerová
Vice president, CAA Prague 2012-2015
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