18 Jan 2017

Sign up for the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme

Dear CEMS Alumni
we would like to invite you to join 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme. This is an initiative that was running successfully in past and we would like to continue with this tradition.

Do you want to share you passion as well as your experience? Do you want to support the new generation of CEMSies through career or life mentoring? Join the 2017 CEMS Mentoring Programme

No previous experience in mentoring is needed. What is important is your willingness to share part of your time and your experience with others. No matter whether you run your own business or work in an international or local company, whether you do business or work for NGOs.Everyone has something valuable to share. 

Do you want to take part in the CEMS Mentoring Programme?
  1. Sign up via this form
  2. Book the evening on 23rd February 2017 between 6:30 and 9pm for the joined kick-off event (at VSE, Prague 3) 
  3. Be comfortable with spending one hour of your time every two weeks on meetings with your mentee (meetings can be face to face or skype) between March and June 2017.

How is the CEMS Mentoring Programme organized?
After the kick-off event on 23rd February, we will finalize the matching between mentors and mentees. You will get contact details on your mentee, so you can agree on the first mentoring meeting. The frequency, location and time of your meet-ups depends only on the agreement between you and your mentee. After two months, we will call for a Catch-up meeting to share what is working as well as ideas for improvement. At the end of the 2017 spring semester, we will make the final evaluation. The mentoring programme may end for you at the end of the spring semester or you may agree with the mentee on it further continuation. 

Any questions?
Feel free to contact the CEMS Alumni Prague Team at cemsalumni@seznam.cz
Still not sure? Check out this video

Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team

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