30 Apr 2017

What to do after the summer? Plan of events - updated

Dear alumni
at the beginning of this year we were planning a number of different events - aimed at networking, cooperation with students, fun... Whatever you like...

This is the current version of the plan (update as of 30 May 2017):
28.1. Topic: Family and Career (already took place) DONE
23.2. Start of mentoring program (already took placeDONE
16.3. Topic: Business Owners (already took placeDONE
30.3. CEMS Graduate profile DONE
5.4. Drink (you can register here)  DONE
7.4. CEMS Gala (organized by students) DONE
11.4. Sauna (you can register here, changed date) DONE
20.4. Mentoring program checkpoint (via on-line questionnaire)
29.5. Topic: Prevention of burnout (changed date)
8.6.  CEMS Soiree (organized by VSE) + Mentoring evaluatoin
10.6. Yoga in the park

There are still some events we need to plan in detail: networking event (in May or later) and maybe something more :-).

Would you like to propose any other event? Or would you like to help us organizing these events?

What kind of events should we organize after the summer?

Pavlina, Vojta and Honza
Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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