7 Dec 2017

CEMS Alumni Association Prague - candidates for the new board

Dear all
on 26 November we published the call for candidates for our board. Unfortunately no further candidates expressed their interest except for the current Board + Katarzyna who is already "on board". Maybe next time there will be more candidates :-).

The candidates for the new board are

Our program
We would like to continue our work from 2017 that is (from event perspective)
  • organize other CEMS Talks as our flagship events
  • organize also other events on our own (such as family events) or together with CEMS Club (such as CEMS breakfast)
  • add one big international event
  • and last but not least take active part in the celebration of 20 years of CEMS

Through all events and other activities we would like to focus on the following goals:
  • Get new Board members or one-off helpers for 2018 and following years
  • Mix different generation of CEMS Alumni as well as CEMS Students 
  • Bring up the topic of CAA membership
  • Keep the great and informal yet informative spirit of CEMS Talks

Please vote here via google form by 12 December. We will announce the results of the vote on 13 December.

on behalf of your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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