12 Feb 2018

CEMS Alumni Association Membership: We need your support

Dear CEMS Friends,

Happy New Year 2018! As a new year starts, we are excited to share with you a preview of what you can look forward in the upcoming months.

Yet before we go to the programme itself, we want to ask you for your help.
We sincerely hope you have enjoyed the CEMS Alumni activities held in 2017.
To keep and evolve our events further, we want to make sure that we have a sustainable model from a content as well as a financial perspective.

You might know that our CEMS Alumni activities are financed from your membership in the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA). Therefore we would like to kindly ask you to join or renew your membership in the CAA. 

How does it work?
  • Once you join the global CAA, the CAA membership fee is redistributed to a respective local committee (in this case LC Czech Republic).
  • The received funding is used for arranging our events (i.e. renting space, getting presents for the speakers, arranging refreshment etc.).
How can you join the CAA?
  • You can choose either a yearly subscription for 5 EUR per month (60 EUR per year) or a lifelong membership for 600 EUR.
  • When choosing the membership, please select LC Czech Republic.
  • Your membership fee is valid for one calendar year (January till December).
  • Based on number of active CAA members in a respective LC, we receive the funding as well as the right to vote on a global level (e.g. setting the future direction of the global CAA, approving global budget etc.)
Join CEMS Alumni Association
    What do you get for 5 EUR per month?
    • Free and priority access to CEMS Talks.
    • VIP services during CEMS Alumni events (i.e. welcome drink, best seat etc.).
    • Discounts for local and global CEMS events.
    • A copy of CEMS Magazine delivered to your door.
    • Unlimited career and network resources globally.
    Why should you join CAA?
    • Help evolving the CEMS Alumni Community on a global level.
    • Support the activities of the LC in the Czech Republic.
    Is there a way how you can support us directly?
    • Yes, you can donate any amount you wish on our Czech bank account:      IBAN: CZ16 2010 0000 0029 0011 9575, SWIFT: FIOBCZPP
    • UPDATE: Czech banking details 2900119575/ 2010
    Interested in learning more? Check our Facebook: CEMS Alumni Czech Republic or contact us directly at cemsalumni@seznam.cz.

    PavlínaKashiaVojtaHonza and Darya: Yes, we have a new Board member :-)
    Your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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