21 Jan 2018

Plan of events for January - September 2018

Dear alumni
we are happy to share with you a new plan of our activities.

  1. CEMS Alumni Welcome Drink, 25 January
  2. CEMS Talk: Managing in Multinationals, 22 February
  3. CEMS Alumni Sauna, February
  4. CEMS Breakfast (organized by CEMS Club), 9 or 16 March
  5. CEMS Family event, March
  6. CEMS Talk: Modern managerial syndroms, 22 March
  7. Global Alumni Week, 16-20 April
  8. CEMS Day at VSE / CEMS Talk, 19 April
  9. CEMS Talk: Learning in the fluid times, 19 April
  10. CEMS Talk: Czech Republic – competitive or not?, 10 May
  11. CEMS Soiree, 7 June
There is some planning still in progress therefore note that you will always find the most recent updates at our Plan of events site.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the events! No matter whether you are a fresh alumnus or alumna or a "senior executive" :-).

on behalf of your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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