18 Jan 2011

Call for the candidates for the Board of the CEMS Alumni Prague Club

The current board of CEMS Alumni Prague is looking for the candidates for the Next Board (2011-2012).
  • Time & term: The election for the new Board will take place on 22 February at our meeting. The term of the new Board will start on 1 March 2011 and will last one year.
  • Requirements: Candidates must be CEMS graduated alumni. Ideally they should work in Prague during their term (business trips are ok).
  • Candidacy: The candidacy must be sent no later than one week before the election. Only if there is no candidate for a particular position, later candidacy is allowed.
  • Positions: The call is open for the following positions: president, vice-president, treasurer, two regular board members. The description of these positions is below.

It is noteworthy that the current members of the Board want to remain active so appropriate continuity is ensured. If you want to candidate for any of these positions or would like to ask any questions concerning the elections please contact the current president Jan Kubik (mail).

The activities of the respective positions are as follows.
  • Coordination of activities
  • Representation at official events, EC Meetings
  • CEMS.org administration
  • Communication with CEMS Alumni EC
  • Coordination and communication with CEMS Club Prague
  • Financial settlement, book keeping, taxation and audit
  • Coordination of financial matters with Paris head office
Other positions
The activities are split among the Vice-President and Regular Board Members positions according to their preferences and mutual agreement.
  • Organization of Professional Events - Meet the.., Soft skills workshops
  • Coordination of professional and socializing events (theatre, other culture, sports, drinks, sauna), communication
  • Promotion of our activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and blog (which usually means transformation of mails from the president to a suitable format).
  • Optional – participation on CEMS EC meetings
  • Other add-hoc activities (emails, website, networking)

These activities are based on our current experience so they may widen during the term.

We are looking to receiving your candidacies :-)!

Honza, Jana, Vasek, Richard, Vojta

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