21 Jan 2011

Shakespear´s digest in Divadlo v Dlouhé

Do you know how many pieces wrote William Shakespeare? Do you think its possible to get to know all of them in two hours? In Divadlo v Dlouhe it is!

In the first week of January a group of 12 CEMS Alumni visited a popular play by famous Divadlo v Dlouhe: Souborne dilo Williama Shakespeare ve 120 minutach. Only 3 actors: Miroslav Taborsky, Jan Vondracek and Martin Matejka guided us through Shakespeare´s 37 tragedies, comedies, historical plays, romances, on top of that adding the 154 sonets. The show was full of action, funny sketches and amusing singing & dancing performances. The evening then continued in our favourite Lokal restaurant with a long after party :)

Next CEMS Alumni theatre visit will be Dealer´s Choice in Dejvicke divadlo, date to be confirmed soon. Stay in touch through Facebook and join us next time as well!

Your CEMS Alumni board
Honza, Jana, Richard, Vasek a Vojta

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