25 Apr 2011

Our plans...

As we have informed you the new Board of CAA Prague was elected. Since then we have had a meeting in order to discuss our plans in detail.

So what are they the like? We will focus both on alumni and students as we believe they form an inseparable part of the whole CEMS community. Right now we are planning to organize the following events:
  • In the autumn we will organize an ALUMNI BOAT PARTY ON VLTAVA. The goal is not only to have fun with people you already know but also to gather as much alumni as possible and create new friendships as well as professional relations.
  • We would like to spend one weekend in the summer on one of the CZECH RIVERS ON CANOES.
  • We will organize a PREGRADUATION DINNER FOR STUDENTS to inform them about their upcoming graduation event as well as gain some new active and fresh alumni :-). This is how the dinner liked like last year.
  • We are considering organizing a PANEL DISCUSSION ABOUT THE PROFILE OF CEMS STUDENTS, i.e. what they study, what they are good at and where are the areas of possible improvement. We believe such a discussion should involve students, alumni, CEMS academia, corporate partners as well as HR professionals.
  • In the autumn we will re-start our MEET THE... EVENINGS FOR STUDENTS where experienced professionals share with students details about their particular field of business such as consulting, marketing, or corporate finance.
  • We will continue with our THEATRE VISITS as well as with our traditional SAUNA SWEATINGS :-). If you don't know what a theatre visit is like read this article.
  • Additionaly we will also like to test a CEMS ALUMNI DRINK - or a monthly gathering of alumni who would like to see each other again, have fun and share their newest news.
  • Besides that we will also try to EXPAND THE NUMBER OF ACTIVE CEMS ALUMNI here in Prague.
And last but not least - we will continue informing you about all our activities via mail, Facebook, Linkedin and this blog.
Are you missing something? Is there anything you would like to suggest or organize on your own? Then just let us know. We are looking forward to reading your suggestions as we want to meet your needs.

Marie, Vojta, Jana, Vasek, Richar, and Honza (group picture)

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