14 Mar 2012

Will you take the challenge?

Couple of weeks ago more than 30 CEMS Alumni gathered to meet Renata Subrtova during her farewell party. It was a great opportunity not only to meet Renata but also to meet other alumni, some old friends and some new ones, and enjoy the CEMS–like spirit (and fighting the hangover the next day...).

Organizing such events is lots of fun (e.g. it took us a week to find out that we have two reservations in the restaurant) – but it requires certain effort too which someone must bear.

As our term is going to its end we are LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES FOR THE CEMS ALUMNI BOARD!

What does it exactly mean? Surprisingly, it is up to you. There are no set rules, no defined activities, no prescribed level of bureaucracy. We can only tell what it meant for us. Following are examples of some of our activities:

  • Find some experienced professionals (both CEMS alumni and others) and invite them to VSE for our Meet the... (marketing, HR, consulting...) meetings where experienced people share their view on working in a particular function/industry with the students.
  • Find an interesting theatre performance, buy tickets, invite the alumni and enjoy interesting plays and nice evenings together.
  • Make a reservation in a sauna, get ready for sweating, invite alumni, enjoy both the high temperature and cold water and have beer together afterwards.
  • Come with the idea, prepare programme, communicate with the CEMS Academic Director, invite HR professionals from our corporate partners and facilitate the round table about the profile of CEMS students.
  • Make a reservation in a pub, invite alumni and have fund during the CEMS Drinks.
  • From time to time meet together and organize ourselves, plan next steps, have a beer and the like.
No activity you would be interested in? So you can come up with an idea of your own – one which can be fun, professionally oriented, helping students, the university, or "just" developing ourselves.

And what is the benefit for you? Mainly networking. Being an alumni board member you have a chance to meet CEMS Alumni in different levels of managerial positions from CZ and abroad, cooperate with CEMS Alumni board members abroad, academic representatives, current CEMS students, etc. You become the centre of the whole network. And btw - based on our experience - you will gain some new friends.

You can find some more details related to the positions in the call for candidates for the last year here.

If you still don’t feel like being a candidate for the board you still may come to us and offer your help for one particular activity – a lecture on a topic you are expert at, a trip or a sport event you would like to share with others or anything else.

The next election will take place on 5 April during the next CEMS Alumni Drink (simple majority of alumni present + mailing voting of paying members).

There are the following positions open – president, vice-president, and members of the board. E-mail us or give us a call if you are unsure whether you would like to join.

The deadline for submitting your candidacy is one week before the CEMS Alumni Drink. If there is no candidate for a particular position by that time the candidacy can be submitted by the election.

Marie, Vojtech, Jana, Vaclav, Jan, Richard (as defined here :-))

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