19 Apr 2012

"Becoming Professional"

What is this new fresh CEMS Alumni Board Team preparing for you? Our main motto is: “Become Professional”. Based on that we want to focus on two main areas:

1. Professional Networking
  • Mission: Build a platform, on which CEMS Alumni can meet together, share experience and knowledge – in an unofficial atmosphere but still in the top-class environment
  • Goal: Intensify the involvement of broader spectrum of CEMS Alumni in activities prepared by CEMS Alumni Board
  • Tools: Organize one or two main event(s) of the year for CEMS Alumni Community, prepare regular social, sport and cultural gatherings for CEMS Alumni – each in a bit different tone

2. Increased awareness of CEMS Alumni Association in the Czech Republic

  • Mission: Achieve a reputation of highly professional group that keeps on cooperating inside as well as outside while cooperating with VŠE, current and future CEMS Students
  • Goal: Build a collaboration platform with CEMS Program at VŠE, enhance a cooperation with CEMS Club
  • Tools: Get CEMS Alumni involved in the lectures at VŠE, support CEMS Club in organizing main event in each semester, strengthen the “Meet the… “ concept, build a unified communication strategy for all stakeholders

With a strong commitment in our motto of “Become Professional” we are looking forward to the great year that is ahead of us.

We will inform you about detailed calendar of our activities soon. In the meantime we will welcome your ideas and comments. What is and what could CEMS Alumni be for you?

Yours CEMS Alumni Board: Vojtech, Olga, Pavlina, Valerie, Katka, Richard

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