19 Apr 2012

New Board elected

Last two months brought some big news to the CEMS Community. Beside the farewell with Renata and warm welcome to Gábina as a new CEMS Program Coordinator at VSE, the leading body of CEMS Alumni Board has come to the annual changeover. Since 1st of April there is brand new CEMS Alumni Board.

Who are those people?

Vojtěch Opleštil – President

Vojta has already presented a big drive and organization skills in the Vice-President role that he hosted last year. With his already senior experience in the CEMS Alumni Board, we are happy he decided to be part of the team also this year.

Vojta works as a Senior Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Vojta is well known for his crazy hobby – winter outside swimming. Beside that he likes visiting art exhibitions and enjoying the taste of good whiskey. Currently, he is also preparing for a brand new role in his private life – in summer he will become father of his first born child.

Olga Nýdlová – Vice-President

Olinka has already proven to be a valuable asset of the CEMS Community while being a member of CEMS Club during her studies. Even though, she considered CEMS as done – at the last stage she decided to candidate for the role of Vice-President, which is a great message for the whole CEMS Alumni Community.

Olinka works as a Project Manager at Cisco Systems. Olinka is a person sparking with energy that simply brings good mood to each society. In her leisure time, she enjoys various activities including social events with friends, sports, travelling, reading&films, piano playing, listening to all sorts of good music and blogging.

Kateřina Chodounská – Board Member

Katka brought to our team a piece of French culture. She is real lady that you can easily imagine sitting in a café at the bank of Sienna River enjoying good wine. As a CEMS student Katka represented CEMS Community in the Czech Republic on the international field as a Student Board Representative.

Katka works as a Brand Manager at Pierre Fabre. No surprise that Katka likes French culture, good food and wine and also exercising port-de-bras and playing volleyball.

Valerie Schäferová – Board Member

Valča brings to our business oriented team a piece of humanitarian mission. Previously, while being a CEMS student, Valča organized different humanitarian events. She decided to put this topic on the table also at the CEMS Alumni Board.

Valča works as Key Account Manager at Henkel ČR. Valča is a friendly and helpful person. She likes enjoying various cultural events as well as active participations in volleyball matches.

Pavlína Šimurdová – Board Member

Pája is extremely energetic and hyperactive person living her life on one hundred percent. During her studies she took twice a role in the CEMS Club. To our team she brings a massive amount of enthusiasm and positive approach.

Pája works as a Customer Logistics Consultant at LEGO (yes – the bricks you know from childhood ). In the free time, Pája is occupied by salsa dancing, running, mountain hiking, theater visits and of course building LEGO.

Richard Bejlek – Treasurer

Richard is the most experienced member of the team – being a member of class 2000 he has been an active alumnus for many years and contributing to the alumni board many times he will take care of our finance. Entrepreneur in solar energy field, passionate alpine-skier Richard recently limited the time he can offer to CEMS because his wonderful daughter Julia was born. However, his knowledge and CEMS soul will be beneficial for the board.

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