9 Jan 2013

CEMS alumni members in Prague - numbers and value

Ever wondered how many alumni are there in Prague?

So far, more than 300 cemsies from VSE graduated in CEMS MIM. Even though tens of alumni have participated in various professional, fun and sport events the average number of CAA members (i.e. the paying members) is just above 17, if calculated from 2007 it is 22.

As we are developing especially new professional activities and increasing the quality of our events we are looking forward to reaching much higher numbers of alumni this year.

To give you an overview of how successful we are in the international context just check the chart below. As you can see last year the Czech Republic was in the middle of the field dominated by Switzerland and especially Germany.

The beginning of the year is the best time to become a member and be a true member of the alumni "family". Even though there is a number of benefits the membership offers, the main benefit is something that is usually not on the list: being a member of a community of open- and internationally-minded persons with similar background yet different personalities, hobbies and careers who can share their experience and enrich you both profesionally and personally. Also, with your membership you help promoting the CEMS MIM degree and thus expand the cems family.

In the following weeks we will update you on the benefits, the planned events of CAA Prague and the way you can contribute. I am looking forward to welcoming you personally at our events and in the CEMS Alumni community!

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