26 Jan 2013

Feedback and pictures from Coaching seminar

CEMS Alumni Association Prague team successfuly organized another educational and networking event: Seminar introducing Coaching and Counseling, on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at VŠE. Below, you can see some more info and pictures taken during interactive lecture and workshop provided by two professionals - Dominika Kratochvílová (freelance counselor, www.counseling.cz) and Joel H. Cooper (business trainer and coach, senior partner at www.learn2grow.cz).

Participants feedback: 1.4 on scale between 1-5 (1-best, 5-worst)
Assessment of speakers:
Dominika - 1.8 on scale between 1-5 (1-best, 5-worst)
Joel - 1 on scale between 1-5 (1-best, 5-worst)
Main thoughts gathered from participants:

  • "Coaching is for people who know what they want to achieve but don't know how, whereas counseling is for people who don't know what they want or what to do."
  • "During the seminar, I realised that there can be important differencies between coaching,mentoring and counselling and that the attitude of the specialist (coach/mentor) must be based on the client´s needs - if the client comes alone and seeks help or it´s a director who wants to influence his colleagues/team members - and therefore can be really various."
  • "Speakers were really well chosen. Location was great. Maybe some more tips on self-coaching would be helpful." Comment from CAA Prague: We are planning special seminar on self-coaching in Czech later this year.
  • Inspiration for future: "seminar on leading a team, managing project (alone versus with a team of colleagues)".

See you on next CEMS Alumni professional events in 2013, your team of CEMS Alumni Association, Prague.

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