29 Mar 2013

What will be the future CEMS graduates like

I believe one of the roles of alumni is to bring CEMS stakeholders together and let them discuss openly their concerns and ideas.

Therefore, a month ago together with VŠE we organised a roundtable aimed at the following questions.

All relevant stakeholders were present:
  • corporate partners (ŠKODA AUTO, HILTI)
  • VŠE representatives (programme management + teachers)
  • Students
  • and us, alumni
Together, 16 people + one child with various backrounds, professional as well life experience and lots of motivation to share their views.

Together we created the following SWOT

What I personally found interesting was the shift from promotion of the programme (which was one of the key issues of the first roundtable in November 2011) towards the academic aspects of the programme. It seems like the core - curriculum and learning outputs - is coming to the fore of attention.

Analysis is just the first part. We moved on and created a list of tasks for all stakeholders.

It will be a responsibility of all the stakeholders to accept their tasks and support CEMS. Alumni will definitely play an active role!


P.S. If you want to see the full presentation please just send me an e-mail.

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