7 Apr 2013

And the candidates are...

Originally, I was a little bit afraid of not having enough candidates for the new board of CEMS Alumni Association Prague. Fortunately, the result is different.

8 alumni have taken the challenge and run for all positions:
  • Jan Plajner (class of 2011) - for the President position
  • Lucie Zadrazilova (2012) - Vicepresident
  • Olga Nydlova (2010), Judita Bihellerova (2010), Tomas Mucha (2012), Karolina Stochlova (2012), Petra Pistkova (2010), update: Katarina Paulickova (2010) - Regular Board Members
  • Jan Horacek (2011) - Treasurer
Two candidates - Lucie and Olga - are members of the current board so there will be a good knowledge transfer combined with the new "fresh blood".

How can you vote? There are two options
  1. At the galla night organised by students and taking place 13 April or "on-line".
  2. Or just send an email to Marie Biancon, our former president, list the candidates and indicate whether you are in favour, against or abstain. Please send your votes by Th 11 Apr 6 PM.
I am looking forward to your voting!



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