28 Apr 2013

Election results

As you know the election of the new board of CEMS Alumni Prague took place during the Gala Night. It is my pleasure to announce the results.

All candidates were elected so the board will be quite broad - the more activities and results we can expect.

  • Jan Plajner President
  • Lucie Zadražilová Vice-President
  • Olga Nýdlová Regular BM
  • Judita Bihellerová Regular BM
  • Tomáš Mucha Regular BM
  • Karolína Štochlová Regular BM
  • Petra Píšťková Regular BM
  • Katarína Paulíčková Regular BM
  • Jan Horáček Treasurer

Honza Plajner will take the chance and introduce his board as well as their plans soon.

Congratulations and good luck in your term!


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