19 Nov 2017

Call for new teammates: Join CEMS Alumni Board Team!

Let's build together long-term CEMSational experience in the Czech Republic! 
We invite especially fresh CEMS graduates and international Alumni to come on board 

What is our team doing?
  • We keep the CEMS spirit is alive also after graduation.
  • We organize regular CEMS Talks and CEMS Social gathering.
  • We run CEMS Mentoring Programme.
  • We collaborate closely with CEMS Club and CEMS MIM at VSE to enhance life-long CEMSational experience.
  • Next year, CEMS celebrates 20 years at VSE, which brings vast amont of opportunities how to highlight CEMS Alumni! 

Who are we looking for?
  • Event facilitators, 
  • Creative thinkers, 
  • Community Managers, 
  • Marketing and PR experts, 
  • Technical & IT Specialists.

Interested in joining? Please contact us at cemslumni@seznam.cz.

Your Alumni Board Team

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