19 Oct 2017

CEMS Talk on the topic Going the Other Way: Are you living the life You want to live?

Alternative career choice as the main topic, three amazing speakers, no slides, informal atmosphere, beautiful venue, engaged audience: unique CEMS Talk with unique findings.

Our October CEMS Talk took place in an art gallery, a perfect location to discuss Going the Other Way choices. A key question of the evening was simple: Are you living the life You want to live? 

We are extremely happy that this topic raised a lot of interest among CEMS students and alumni and thank all for all the rich discussions that arose during and also after the CEMS Talk.

Although all three speakers have started their career in the corporate environment and until today they are managing projects and people, their career paths have been all but ordinary. It was such a refreshing experience to spend an evening with these extraordinary, smart, courageous and humble people, who do really create an impact on the society and world around us. 

What is the key take away from this CEMS Talk?

  • Explore what is truly important for You in Your life. Once You find it, do it.
  • Pushing does not work. Be open and let things, people and situations come to You.
  • Slowness brings answers to key questions in life.
  • Follow Your intuition first, before making any decision think it properly through  (not the other way around)
  • Have good friends, who will help You to come back on Your path, when You are wobbling. 
  • Have great teachers, who will inspire You. 
  • Leave your comfort zone & take a break from your normal life.
  • Follow Your personal values in Your life as well as in Your career without compromising them.
  • Follow the signs
  • Give back

CEMS Talk concept:

  • Every CEMS Talk is dedicated to a unique topic related to life and career in today’s world. 
  • Speakers are chosen based on their level of experience and relevancy for a chosen area. 
  • The audience is built from CEMS students and alumni, both Czech and international. 
  • The main purpose of CEMS Talk is to share real, authentic and honest stories and thereby inspire members of the CEMS Community in their future life and business choices

Who were our three speakers?

Dagmar Goldmannova: Philanthropy consultant and project manager

Dagmar has left her corporate career in order to do what she loves - helping others in a meaningful way. She was working on projects in many countries in Africa, Asia and eastern Europe. Since December 2016, she is leading a philanthropic consultancy company back in the Czech Republic.

Her main advice for others: Be the one, who is deciding about Your life. Let things come to You. 


Jakub Stransky: Spontaneous and inspiring financial expert

Jakub's dream was to serve a local community. He has been working in a local Czech production company, studied PhD, lived in Lyon, taught CEMS subjects at the university, joined the Institute for the examination of totalitarian regimes and recently is enjoying his sabbatical - i.e. parental leave. 

His main advice for others: Live the life that you want to live. Have great people around you.

Valerie Kozelska Schafer: Socially conscious entrepreneur

Valerie has managed to combine her great business talent with the deeply rooted wish to help and support others. During her MBA studies in Taiwan, her and her husband, have started to build their social enterprise. Living in a small Moravian village, Valerie is managing their own company and at the same time is renovating a historical building in the center of Znojmo.

Her main advice for others: Be open, opportunities will show up. Do what you believe in. A life is too short to waste it. 


We thank to our exceptional speakers for their time and effort as well as to all attendees for joining this great evening.
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our next events.
on behalf of your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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PS: Thank You for Your positive feedback shared during and after the event :)

E.g. One of the many reasons why CEMS is a great choice: The frequent and insightful events with Alumni. Shoutout to the Alumni Team for organizing this talk! 
Florian, current CEMS Student


  1. Thank you Paja, for a great organisation of this event and nice words. Looking forward for another event. Valerie

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