10 Oct 2017

Impressions from the General CEMS Alumni Assembly 2017

What an impressive team of dedicated, smart and mature people, who can not only discuss, share best practices and brainstorm about future direction of the CEMS Alumni Association but also create a clear strategy, split responsibilities and motivate each other to act upon them.

This is the very first impression that comes to my mind when reflecting on the General CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) Assembly held during the first October weekend in Warsaw.

The General CAA Aseembly 2017 was hosted by the LC in Poland and the Warsaw School of Economics. The participants were CAA global board memebers, CEMS Alumni global team and presidents of LCs. 

The Czech Republic did not take part in this event for several years. Nevertheless it seemed as if we were always represented considering the very warm welcome from all other attendees and the immediate inclusion into the future strategy setting. 

The CEMS Programme is very well known for the highly engaged community of CEMS Students. 

Yet seeing the same level of dedication and commitment among experienced CEMS Alumni reminded me again how unique the CEMS Alumni Community actually is and that CEMS is without any doubt an amazing life-long learning journey.

Apart from the intense official programme, there was also space for social gathering and informal get-together. After the weekend in Warsaw I again understood the full meaning of the unbelievable Polish hospitality

What are the key updates from the Warsaw meeting?
  • We have a new CAA Board with Alberto Constans as the new CAA President. There is tremendous amount of experience, expertise as well as the dedication among the team members of the new board team and LC Presidents. 
  • Thanks to the broad CEMS Alumni sruvey held recently, we have objective in-depth insight into the preferences of CEMS Alumni all around the world
  • CAA Board has defined a clear global strategy:
    • Getting the basics right
    • Building strong and unique value proposition of CEMS Alumni  

Which global projects will be Czech Republic contributing to?
  • Delivery of the CEMS Alumni LC start-up package 
  • Driving Thoughtleadership and CEMS Social Partnership
  • CEMS Talk to become a global concept

What are the goals of the Alumni Community in the Czech Republic after the Warsaw event?
  • Increase the number of active CEMS Alumni and work pro-actively with fresh graduates
  • Expand the CEMS Alumni Board Team
  • Continue with regular CEMS Talk and bring them also online
  • Deliver one flagship social event per year
  • Intensify the collaboration with CEMS Club Prague 

What do we need?
  • We need Your help and support. If you are interested in the CEMS Alumni Community and want to join as a new member of the CEMS Alumni Board or rather offer a hand on an ad-hoc basis - please let us know at cemsalumni@seznam.cz
Stay tuned. There is a lot coming in the CEMS Alumni Community :)
Warm regards from Warsaw,

on behalf of your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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