15 Oct 2017

Membership benefits

Dear alumni
Have you ever thought of becoming an official, paying member of the association or renewing your membership?

The benefits

There is a number of benefits which you can get by doing so:

  • You get access to the CEMS Student & Alumni Directories currently consisting of 11 000 alumni and 1 000 students.
  • You get access to all global events - e.g. the Annual Events, Career Forum, Waltzing Days, or events organized by professional groups.
  • You get access to online and in-person mentoring as well as the online job market.
  • You will receive the CEMS magazine and eNewsletters.
  • Last but not least: By paying your membership fee you allow the local committee (yes, it is us :-)) to organize more and better events. And - you somehow give back what you get from CEMS.

If you want to know more please let us know or check the CAA website.

Our plan for the next year

In the upcoming year our goal is to increase the number of paying members and thus improve our activities and also re-gain our right to take part and vote at CAA Assembly.

on behalf of your CEMS Alumni Board Team
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