12 Sep 2009

Calendar of CEMS Alumni events in Prague

There are two updates in October, see below.
Here is a calendar of planned CEMS Alumni (an not only, students are welcome too) events. If you have any interesting idea for a socializing event let us know! The list below will be updated as we set the details.


Joining us for a drink?


Or for sauna perhaps :-)?

  • 2nd CEMS Alumni Sauna
  • 7th Do I realy want to work in … + drink
  • 17th Christmas CEMS Drink
  • 12th CEMS Alumni Sauna
  • 1st Do I realy want to work in … + drink
  • 4th CEMS Alumni Sauna
  • 19th - 21st CEMS Weekend in the Mountains - Spicak - Albrechtice v Jizerskych Horach

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