11 Sep 2009

Nine meters above the ground with adrenalin in our blood

On Thursday August 20th CEMS Alumni Association Prague organized a socializing and team-building event at a Rope-Course Center Proud (http://www.lanovecentrum.cz/). Altogether 18 CEMSies participated, majority of whom were CEMS students.
Rope-Course Center Proud is an adrenalin park with rope obstacles nine meters above the ground, where you are belayed as if climbing on an artificial climbing wall. The participants could decide if they go for individual challenges (you have to get over the obstacle your-self) or team challenges (where cooperation is necessary).
All CEMSies showed their passion for challenges and great teamwork and so there was almost no obstacle stayed unconquered. After the event all participants reunited in local restaurant “Klid” (“Rest”) with an eye-opening motto “Get some Rest after work”.
Here you can find a lot of nice pictures taken by Petr Dvorak, one of the CEMS students.

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