11 Sep 2009

What is it like to work in….?

Aiming to help CEMS students to choose their future professions, CEMS Alumni Association Prague in cooperation with CEMS Club Prague have launched a project of “Do I really want to work in…” seminars on various topics.
On October 5th the first session will be held focusing on Marketing. A series of monthly seminars should follow, taking place first Monday of each month. Further topics would cover Investment Banking and Advisory, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Logistics… Together with Czech CFA Society a seminar focused on the benefits of CFA certification in various professions is planned as well.
The content of the seminar should be delivered in 3 presentations of about 20 minutes held by specialists in the field covered, followed by a Q&A session. Eventually a networking event will be held in one of the nearby restaurants to foster the relationships.
The preferred group of speakers should be CEMS Alumni in order to strengthen the networking throughout the CEMS community.
To provide heterogeneous views the speakers should come from various segments of the profession, e.g. the plan for “Do I really want to work in … Marketing” seminar is to provide B2B, B2C and Viral Marketing specialists.
We are looking forward to a curious audience and enlightening debates which we believe will become attributes of this project very soon.

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