30 Sep 2009

CEMS Alumni Association Survey 2009

Wanna win a stay in a hotel in the Alps? And give your feedback to the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA)? If yes go on and read the following letter from CAA headquarters.

Dear CEMS Alumni
Your CEMS Alumni Association continuously strives to fulfill three goals for you
  • Provide a professional network and opportunities for its members
  • Promote the CEMS MIM reputation (e.g., through events and P.R.)
  • Create and maintain friendly lasting contacts among CEMS alumni
Every two years, we would like to challenge our way of delivering this aspiration. Hence, please find enclosed the link to our CEMS Alumni Association Survey 2009, which we ask you to fill out until October 30. It takes approximately 10 minutes and is the best way of giving your input to shape our association to become more attractive and grow stronger. Here is the survey.
Besides some demographic data, we have organized it in 4 Sections:

  1. Assessment of Strategic Positioning of CAA: Express your points of view on what you consider the most important priorities for the CAA
  2. New communication tools: We have already launched an initiative to improve the usage of existing professional and social networking tools. Here, we would like to learn more about your usage priorities.
  3. CEMS Magazine: Let us know what content is most relevant to you and how would you like us to deliver it.
  4. Local Events: Share your priorities on local events and why you participate in then
In case, you are willing to share your name and e-mail address, you can participate in winning on of the prizes in the three categories (your answers will certainly not be disclosed):
  1. One weekend for two in a High-Class Wellness Hotel in the Tyrolean Alps, 5 minutes from the glacier Hintertux – Thanks to the hotel who sponsored this to the CAA!
  2. One of three free participations in the Annual Events in Cologne
  3. One of three free membership fees for the CEMS Alumni Association in 2010

We are looking forward to your input and hope to see many of you at the Annual Events in Cologne. Don’t miss them, we have prepared a top professional and social program for you!

CEMSationally yours
Andrée, Agata, Line, Robert and Stefan

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